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1 Cor. 1.

"4 I urge you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree in what you say, and that there be no divisions among you, but that you be united in the same mind and in the same purpose."

I wish that before the Great Schism and the Reformation, those involved would have listened to our brother, St. Paul.

In Christ.

-- Jake Huether (, September 11, 2002


Up, Up, and.... hopefully not Away!

-- Jake Huether (, September 11, 2002.

amazing that you would print that, Jake, I've been just meditating on that idea lately of that "oneness of mind" St. Paul talks about.

It really takes 'laying down' of one's life, laying down of the fleshly attitudes of pride we have. Lord teach us to love.

-- Theresa Huether (, September 11, 2002.

Hmmm... I am afraid Jesus will give me the same answer He gave Peter when the latter asked him what will happen to John... so I'm sharing this with you instead.

What will happen to the protestants? How come the Holy Spirit manifest in such a beautiful way in their gatherings? how come He "talks" to them that much and He hasn't told them they have to comeback? that Jesus is present in a real way in the Holy Sacrament?

-- Cristian (, September 12, 2002.

God works wonders through everyone (Catholic or Not). It doesn't mean that God is condoning or supporting what they are doing. By working these wonders through the Protestants He is not saying that, "you are fine where you're at". We are all (Catholic included) called to grow in our faith. And the more we know and love God, the more we will come to know His will, which is to be the One Church he founded from the begining! Samson worked great wonders, but he was a sinner, Peter also worked some outstanding miracles, but he too was a sinner. God workes through the foolish to put the wise to shame! But this is regardless of the "name" of your religion. The more you work on being a friend of Christ, you will find, the more Catholic (in doctrine and acts - not just name) you become.

In Christ.

-- Jake Huether (, September 12, 2002.

Dear Cristian:
What if you said that one day (in heaven) all of Christs' followers gathered together for good; at the banquet table of the Lord? He would love us all, for sure. He would forgive the ones who *never approached Him* on earth at His Daily Mass; the banquet we serve for Him in our Eucharistic celebration. Because He is merciful and loving, their rejection of Him on earth would be forgiven. But rejection it is!

Yet, these fine brethren think Catholics are inferior Christians, my friend. We are not with Christ until we ''accept Him as our Personal Saviour,'' etc.) Will they expect then, at the Banquet Table of the Lord in eternity, the first seats???

He will forgive the good ones, we hope. But faith is nothing less than belief in every word that comes from the mouth of God. The banquet is for believers, not for self-sufficient Christians. There's a big problem today, as things stand.

Some Christians want Christ to make room for them only. Real Bible Christians!

Cristian: You ask, ''. . . the Holy Spirit manifests in such a *beautiful way* in their gatherings? How come He "talks" to them that much and He hasn't told them they have to come back?'' --Well; maybe they don't have to. Unless, one day at that banquet in heaven, they still don't want to ''come back.''

You know the Holy Spirit is in Christ's Holy Church. He ''manifests'' Himself to Catholics now for more than two millennia; yet,

The divided ones don't have faith in Him. Not if He shows Himself in a Catholic Church! Tell me; where is the problem? With men-- Or with the Holy Spirit???

-- eugene c. chavez (, September 12, 2002.

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