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As we go about this day in prayer, rememberance and reflections, various feelings may come to the forefront. We as Christians can post of this board and lift one another up in prayer. Don't forget your AME-Today family around the world. We are here for one another.

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2002


May God Bless You Rev. Denise and Rev. John

You are a constant source of encouragement. May God Bless all of you my brothers and sisters around the world as all of us have been impacted in one form or another.

God keep you in the arms of his love

Bro. Nalton

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2002

Brother Nalton is is always good to hear from you. Yes all of us have been impacted by Sept. 11th in some way. 80 countries lost someone on Sept. 11th last year. This is indeed a world event. God Bless the bermuda conference.

-- Anonymous, September 11, 2002

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