Will you or your church participate in Sept. 11 commemorations?

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I live in Bozeman, Montana. Population 30,000. And our small town will be filled with many programs to honor Sept. 11th victims and survivors. Our interfaith counsel will have a prayer service at 7 A.M on Sept. 11th. I will be there to represent our denomination. The university in our town will have programs all day, the american legion will have a prayer meeting at noon. And the city will have a program at 7 Pm that night. What are the plans in your town and will your church participate or will you plan to do something personally? I am greatly touched that countries around the world will also commerate that day. To God be the glory!

-- Anonymous, September 09, 2002


There were celebrations throughout the City of Tampa on yesterday. Thosusands showed up on beautiful Bayshore Blvd. for the Flags along the Bayshore celebration. I was a participant in an ecumenical service held at St. Andrews Episcopal Church in downtown Tampa. On the rostrum were people of all faiths, which included Rabbi Brinholz from the Temple Schaarai Zedek (Reformed Judaism), Father Ppaul Osterle, Rector of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Rev. Lea Acaza- Willitts, Pastor of First United Methodist (directly across the street from my church)Rev. Lea and I read a Litany of Remembrance, Penitence, and Hope; Muhammad Sultan, Imam of the Islamic Society of Tampa Bay (who prayed in Arabic and English) but the highlight of the entire service for me was Rabbi Steve Weiler, from the Temple Horesh David (Messianic Jew). He began by saying he would read the scripture and pray in the language that Jeshua spoke, Arabic and Hebrew. He was awesome. After the service there was lunch and fellowship. Unfortunately, the Reformed Jew and the Muslim did not attend the fellowship, but I got to spend much quality time with Rabbi Steve.

I do hope all of us got an opportunity to reflect, recognize or sins, repent, rejoice, remember and retell the story that God is with us even in the midst of tragedy. Have you heard the poem written and read by Mike Kellogg of Moody Bible Institute entitled "In the Stairwell?" It reminds us that "God is a very present help in time of trouble." He was there before 9/11 and on 9/11, we just did pay attention to the warning signs.

Forgive us Lord

-- Anonymous, September 12, 2002

I have missed you Rev. Wiggs! I too participated in an interfaith service yesterday at 6:30 A.M we used the litany provided by the National Council of Churches. Present were A.M.E, Presbyterian, Episcopal, Lutheran, Disciples of Christ, Native American, B'hai, Church Universal Triumphant, Muslim, Dances for universal peace, Budhist and the rabbi from our synague who read his prayer in hebrew and english, the native american prayer was also said in the native tongue. Our largest Catholic church hosted the event, and father leo led the service. it was very moving.

-- Anonymous, September 12, 2002

Good morning, Pastor Denise,

I've missed all of you. On occasion, I get the opportunity to read the posts, (we've been so busy, here that it's been difficult to get a moment to share with everyone) but I just had to take the time this morning to share what was for me a moving remembrance of 9/11. In our bible study last evening, I pointed out that on 9/11/01, it was a beautiful clear day, and how different 9/11/02, was for us in that about 8 a.m it was pitch black dark in Tampa, about 9 a.m. it poured down rain. But that did not stop any of the planned services. Even the one on Bayshore with thousands of children and their parents waving flags. Church bells were ringing throughout the city. The Baptist Church on Bayshore rang its bell once (with 3 second intervals) for everyone of those who died. Their bell rang for 4 hours.

I'll try to share more later. I've been wanting to share with everyone about our vacation Bible school, just haven't had the time.

For those who can, you are invited to worship with us during our annual conference hosted by Greater Mount Carmel AMEC where the Rev. E. J. Parker, III is the pastor, but it will be held at Historic St. Paul AMEC, Rev. Gene A. Brown, Pastor. The conference begins Sunday, with the DMC ceremony and Monday,October 14th the Missionaries are in charge, Tuesday, roll call and the annual sermon.

We're praying that the EAGLE can make its way out of Canada and the king of food enjoyment (Bro. Bill) and the expert in BBQ (Pastor Ray) can come and share with us. Bro. Matthews, they tell me the pipe organ may be in operation by that time. I'll keep you posted. I do desire to hear it again.

God bless all. Love, peace, power.

-- Anonymous, September 12, 2002

I am a bit tardy in response to this question, I apologize for that. There were many services throughout the Boston area, as there were in other places. As you recall, two of the planes left from Boston. We at St. Paul, Cambridge are in the middle of a week of celebration of the 25th Anniversary of our Pastor's (Rev. Dr. LeRoy Attles) Pastoral Service at St Paul. Each night this week we have had pastors from a different denomination preach and on Weds, the 11th we hosted an interfaith service sponsored by the Cambridge Black Ministerial Alliance, called a Day of Rememberance. There was a very good turnout for the 6PM service. Pastors prayed for Gov't Officials, Families, Children, Peace and ourselves. Many stayed for the St Paul service and heard an outstanding, spirit-filled sermon from Rev A Livingston Foxworth, of Grace Church of all Nations (Pentacostal). The services were scheduled to be celebatory but they have turned to Revival as the Lord has His way. It is what is needed. Turning attention to God at these times has been a blessing for all. We on this board know that anytime is the time. We remember the flood of folks coming to church that Sunday after 9/11. Some still come but many seem to have returned to business as usual. Services on 9/11 may have restoked the fire. I pray that that has happened. God Bless Bob McCain

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2002

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