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I am curious to find out anything about some old cameras I bought at garage sales. A Eugen Bauer 88G Automatic movie camera made in Stuttgart-Untertukheim? An Argus Argoflex 620 or PB20 film made in USA, a Mansfield Skylark 35mm? Made in Japan, and an Ansco box camera.

-- Jess Harris (, September 09, 2002


The Mansfield Skylark was made by Yamato Camera Industry in Japan about 1962. In my opinion it has all the virtues: very well made,very handy film loading,needs no battery,simple operation,good- looking,takes very nice pictures and only cost me $5 at a second- hand store. I have four cameras for work but am always glad to put them away and pick up the Skylark.

-- Roger Foley (, February 06, 2003.

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