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Hello,I have Nero and running windows xp On a Dell dimension when I try to burn a video cd it tells me that the file is too long and won't fit in my cd but this is after a long time of encoding the cd then it won't save the encoded file anyone know how i might be able to break the movie file in 2 so that it will fit? tHANKS! And also after I burnt a cd that has the right size (under 700 mb)It plays out of synchronization with the audio..can someone help??

-- Angelo Lopera (, September 08, 2002


You can use vcdcutter to cut mpgs. Also you should be able to fit around 775mb mpgs onto a 700mb cd/vcd.

-- sa (, September 13, 2002.

You can also use TMPGenc to cut the MPG files just as well as vcdcutter. It has also some filters you can use to improve your video.

-- dan (, September 18, 2002.

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