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baseball has always been an area of interest for me...i play softball at school, and love it! i just found out (though i'm not positive on my information) that my great-grandpa was going to play for the yankees, and then for some reason, he was unable to, whether it be the war, or his wife didn't want him to....well i'm just not sure. i've been trying real hard to find out if this information is true, but it always seems to dead end, so i figure if anyone could help me it would be you guys! his name was Charles Childs, he was born in 1903, and died in 1956 if that helps any. i'd really like to find out about him, and i thank you so much if you have any info, or could refer me to someplace that might know! thanks!

-- Ashley Andres (, September 08, 2002

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