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While I was in town today I stopped at one of the local discount grocery stores. They had butter on sale for 99 cents a pound!! Since my freezer if full to the top and I don't want to use most of the available space in the refridgerator I'm going to try canning it. Has anyone here ever done it-how does it turn out? I bought 20# so this seems the best way to go if it works. Here's the site where I found the instructions. I may try some of the other preserving recipes too. The original idea came from a comment on the Backwoods Home board when someone mentioned canning butter but they didn't give any instructions.

-- Kathy Aldridge (, September 07, 2002


Ive checked my books,, al recommend freezing,, and dont even mention canning or dehrydrating butter. I seem to recall, that on CS,, there was something about it, ,but alas,,, I am unable get the site to come up anymore. If anyone has CS saved to disc or hardrive,, might try looking it up there.

The books I checked,,,, Ball Blue BOok,,, Stocking Up,, Preserving the Harvest,,,and Encyclopedia of Country Living

-- Stan (, September 08, 2002.

This month's copy of Backwoods Home has an "Ask Jackie" article about canning butter.

Hope this helps.

-- Jennifer (, September 08, 2002.

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