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I just have to share an A.M.E story. The other day my daughter, myself and member of our congregation were going into the mall and in front of us was a young african american woman, I went over to introduce myself to her and found out she was a new student at our university, so I invited her to hang out with us and go shopping, she is 19. We all had a ball and laughed and laughed. While we were shopping I invited her to attend our church. There was a stunned look on her face. I did not know what to think. Guess what she is A.M.E from St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Her parents moved to west yellowstone and were missing their A.M.E roots. I also find out her boyfriend is from L.A and he is A.M.E. I just love God for whereever we go he is there waiting to help us.!! I love being A.M.E and I am proud that our church is the first A.M.E church in town. God is so good.

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2002


I forgot one other thing, my daughter's family on her father's side is from St. Croix and we have one other young adult member who family is from Trinidad. I told the girls about the warm welcome the Bermuda Conference has extended us and they want to find a way to visit the Bermuda Conference. Do we have any other west indians on the board? Our young people would love to hear about you.

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2002

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