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I'm looking for information on the death or disappearance of a gambler/possible mobster in 1938 who may have been shot in the back of the head somewhere in the vicinity of Crystal Reservoir.

-- Janice Schwartz (jans88@ev1.net), September 07, 2002


you may find your way there through this link eventually...


perhaps some leads to where who you are searching for.

Go to the "other gangsters" section on the drop down menu.

This would definitely be working from the outside in with your investigation, but if he was a true gangster from the 1930s, he would have been affiliated indirectly with the Chicago (Cicero) Illinois outfit.

-- Bill Williams (oceans1129@yahoo.com), November 16, 2002.

The terminus of the Hetch Hetchy Aquaduct which is the main water supply for the city of San Francisco is at the Pulgas Water Temple at Crystal Spring Reservoir. It was completed in 1938. Someplace to look for further answers perhaps.

-- Bill Williams (oceans1129@yahoo.com), November 16, 2002.

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