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As wednesdday Sept. 11th quickly approaches let us focus on the families that lost loved ones on that horrific day. Let us remember our firefighters and police officers who lost their lives. Let us remember our A.M.E churches in new york city as they prepare to honor the anniversary of Sept. 11th. And let us remember all people in New York city who will relive the events over again in their minds on that day. I hope we all will remember that this is a day to draw near to God. Also we must help our children cope with this devasting event, and teach them to rely on the strength of God. Let us grieve together as the body of Christ, and the politics and other such matters will be taken care of by God. Lift Christ high for we need him so much for a time such as this.

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2002


I live in Indy and work on the IUPUI campus. There will be different services on the campus. The President of the University has asked for a moment of silence at noon.

Churches of all demoninations are coming together at one of the memorials for a service.

As was said remember the children. They will probably see things on the television recapturing the moment, it could mislead them into thinking it is happening all over again.

My heart grieves for so many people. And right now we are facing war. I guess there is no good time for war; but this timing is bound to have major emotional impact on grieving families.

If ever we need to come together and seek God's face. It is now.


-- Anonymous, September 06, 2002

Carmen thank you for the update about your universities plans. Here at Montana State University there are also plans for a rememberence. Also our interfaith counsel is holding a service, our church will participate. I hope we all will pray for peace on that day.

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2002


I was on the campus of IUPUI in 1985 as a guest of a friend espousing an economic topic which I have since forgotten (seems like Madame CJ Walker comes to mind). If you were working on campus at that time perhaps you might recall my visit :-) If not, I'm sure the Indy 500, Indianapolis Colts or even former Vice-President Dan Quayle were enough to occupy your attention. If I'm not mistaken the AME General Conference in 2004 will take place in Indianapolis, IN. My plans are to attend Gen Con even if I'm not a delegate. Oh, speaking of the Colts, I do hope your new football coach, a God-fearing man, Tony Dungy, maintains continued success on the football field. QED

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2002

My wonderful sister Carmen, I must warn you when Bill starts talking about visiting a place, it usually means you will have to feed him. Now I know Jerryl did say when Bill came to texas he did not eat him out of house and home. But Jerryl is a very diplomatic man and we may never know the truth. Alas Carmen if Bill is coming to your neck of the woods you will have to start stocking up now!!

-- Anonymous, September 07, 2002

Dear Rev. Denise I may be there before Bro. Bill. Sister Carmen the 4th District is having its Indianapolis Annual Conference Starting Monday Sept. 16th. Both Rev. Dr. Santucci and I will be there. Can you recommend some restaurants for 2 island boys over on Connectional Business from Bermuda?

In the meantime. We will be praying for all of the families who have had their lives forever changed since 9/11. God Be with you. Bro. Bill I look forward to being at Gen. Conference too. Let's plan some dining.

-- Anonymous, September 08, 2002

I don't go out to eat much, but we have many places to dine. If you can let me know exactly what type of food you are looking for, I will recommend a place for you and your friend before you arrive.

And yes, we are very proud of the coach of the Colts.


-- Anonymous, September 09, 2002

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