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I was asked by a Baptist Layperson as to whether or not gambling was a sin. Specifilcally, Where in The Bible does it say that a lottery is a sin?

I faxed the brother some information already and will be gald to provide him with more from my family members in the AMEC.

Be Blessed! WHS

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2002


Yes, gambling is a matter how much money you win and tithe on it.

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2002

PLEASE UNDERSTAND that my comments here refer ONLY to the Lottery, as wholesale gambling is another thing indeed and one which I believe definitely causes us to sin.

In anything and in any way that we deny the sovereignty of God and His divine providence to fulfill our need, we fall short and are tempted to sin. Thus, raffles are prohibited in the A.M.E. Church. Additionally, any abuse of our resources may also lead us to sin. Yet, as J. B. Phillips has written and said, Our God is often much too small.

While in our day the lottery is a tool of the state, in the not too distant past it was one also used by the church. When an Apostle was chosen in Judas' stead the method used was the casting of lots (Acts 1:26).

So this is a question, which has been, argued for years but not one which is so easily cut and dried. It seems rather to depend--like the eating of meat--on our personal motives, intentions, convictions and belief (I Corinthians: 8).

Before we make our decisions cut and dried and put God in a cubbyhole, buttonhole, or a pigeonhole of our design we need to look closely at all it involves. Perhaps we may never get the answer we seek. For God's ways are not ours and often too high for us to know and understand.

Perhaps we should also take a look at the biography of Reverend David Smith and see how God used a lottery of the church to grant him freedom for the life he was later called to live and the wonderful work he was later called to do.

When all is said and done we need always ask of God His own will for us to do.

-- Anonymous, September 06, 2002

I was Baptized Catholic and raised by both of my parents. Without putting Religion into the mix,I believe gambling is a sin. In addition to that look how many peoples lives it ruins. I am told in Michigan alone 350,000 with gambling problems. This addiction can be similar to drugs. Why do people feel they have the right to money or material items they do not have to work honestly for? If these casinos paid out a fair ammount to gamblers there is no way the buildings that are occupied by casinos would look nearly as elaborate. Look at the city of Detroit, all residents were encouraged to vote for casinos to bring jobs into the city. In my heart I truely believe taxpayers in the city of Detroit did not get the jobs they should have been eligible for. The casino owners got what they wanted!

-- Anonymous, September 16, 2002

Brother Smith,

Let me add an addendum to what I have already said above.

Since you have given us your church affiliation what I say here may or may not apply. However for those of us who are A.M.E. the rules are specific and clear.

In the 1960's when I was a student at Morris Brown College we were told that one of the causes for being dismissed was to be caught playing cards. I don't recall that this rule was ever enforced but it still applied. Since we often ask the question what is the official stance of our church. I simply state it here as the Doctrine states it to be.

When John and Charles Wesley established Methodism, they established specific rules for Bands and Societies of the Methodist Church. Although many of these rules are often ignored and seldom, if ever enforced, in the A.M.E. Church they were never repealed.

Let me be quick to state this may not be what either the majority of the present day clergy or lay agrees to. Yet they still remain in print and were NEVER repealed. So I quote them here for the purpose of information only and the consideration of all who might like to know.

In the Present Discipline (2000) these rules are found under the heading of "Judicial Administration", Part X1, pages 325 - 355. While they are applicable both to the clergy and lay, the quote I give here- -since it applies to what you asked--is found under Section XV, "Offenses Chargeable to the Lay", page 342, Letter C, "Improper Conduct".

And I quote:

Private reproof shall be given by the class leader or the minister in charge whenever a member shows disobedience to the order of THE DOCTRINE AND DISCIPLINE OF THE AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHRUCH, neglects duties of any kind, indulges in quarreling, speaks evil of ministers, deals in lotteries or policies, attends dances or horse races, engages in playing cards, or pursues such other games or diversions as cannot be carried on in the name of our Lord Jesus.

For my A.M.E. friends you may also be surprised that the way we campaign for office was also never repealed. Letter F. Improper Electioneering page 343.

-- Anonymous, September 17, 2002

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