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Wich text of those of Carl Rogers would be the most suitable in order to use in an introductory course concerning psychology history & Systems? (By the way, I'd like to give my appreciation to all the people who participate in this forum since its contributions has been of great value to both my research and teaching activities)

-- Ricardo Marcos Pautassi (, September 05, 2002


I can't say whether they're the best, but the most easily accessed of Rogers' major articles are certainly:

Rogers, Carl R. (1946). Significant aspects of client-centered therapy. American Psychologist, 1, 415-422.

Rogers, Carl R. (1947). Some observations on the organization of personality. American Psychologist, 2, 358-368. [Rogers' APA Presidential Address.]

Both are available on-line at "Classics in the History of Psychology" ( ).

-- Christopher Green (, September 05, 2002.

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