10 Days of WSSD in South Africa

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The World Summit on Sustainable Development [WSSD], held in Johannesburg [South Africa] over thelast ten days, has come to an end. Leaders of all sorts - political leaders, business and civil society - from across nations of the world were here (still here) to partake in world discussions matter of sustainable development, including environment, trade and other critical matters.

As it came to the close, it is reported that Mr Collin Powell was interrupted by delegates while delivering his address. Some were reported to be demanding Bush instead of him. All that occurred in the context of developed countries, most the members of the G8 countries, calling for the signing of the Kyoto Protocol. Expert suggest that the calling is the beginning of the isolation of the US. What does that mean? Is it possible to isolate the US? If isolated, what are potential consequencies for that?

-- Anonymous, September 05, 2002


Anyone who stands up for what he believes in will be isolated, especially if it goes against the tide of popular (politically correct?) opinion.

I admire President Bush for standing up for what he believes in. He believes these agreements are bad for our nation, and as the principle defender of our nation, stands against them with courage.

He recognizes that other nations do not dictate to the United States, and does not allow himself to be pressured.

Whether the issue is support for Israel, the best way to steward the environment, landmines, Iraq, or terrorism, he has shown himself to be a man of great principle in the face of the opposition of the world. If that isolates us, fine. I believe he operates under the blessing of God due to the constant prayers for him from the Christian comunity. That's much more important that being popular with the post-Christian nations of Europe, the pagan nations of Islam and Hinduism, the atheistic nations of communism/socialism.

Implications? We'll do fine, and as usual, we'll wait for the rest of the world to catch up when they get a clue.

-- Anonymous, September 05, 2002

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