I was forced to quit my job after only being employed for 2 weeks due to a very, very hostile environment. My manager was downright mean and nasty. I applied for unemployment compensation,was denied,appealed the decision and it was overturned for a new hearing because the adjudicator erred. This employer is not chargeable however, due to his nastiness he is fighting me all the way. Does any one know of any laws that I can use in my hearing tomorrow whereby when the working conditions are intolerable you can leave or anything along these lines. I would appreciate an immediate response for my hearing is at 1:30 pm est on 9/5/02.


-- Lynda Perry (, September 04, 2002


Ive read alot of stories about how management is abusing their rights . I too am stuck in that same spot. My supervisor and one time friend has employed the evil acts of his own brother to assist in the hellmaking at our workplace. Daily scrutiny and threats of dismissal are commonplace. Ive been threatened over not wanting overtime, not letting them steal time from my paycheck, and not kissing ass. After reading most of these other stories i think ive found my answer to do i qualify for benefits. the answer is " i shouldnt care". Instead of me looking for a way out, the way out is clearer than i had hoped. being stuck in such a negative situation shows me that " ANY other job is better than this one". Sure we would all like to "make them pay", but stooping to their level does me no justice. I hope the rest of you find your justice, as for me i only seek peace.BTW Evergreen Construction Of Atlanta only hires sadistic high school drop outs, if anyone is looking to take over my boss' job =)

-- Sam Long (, January 24, 2005.

Listen To The Word Marilyn Manson Says In His Songs Therein will lie your answers

-- john reznor (, July 24, 2003.

I too was subject to a "Hostile Working Environment in the Federal Government and my case is currently before the MSPB (Merit System Protection board)which will probably be denied. When a supervisor informs an employee that the temporary we hired performs better than you do, to a seasoned federal employee with over 30 years of federal service, and then continues to igorne your performance, and claims she never did anything really has an adverse affect on the person affected mentally and physically. Also I have congressional and white house inquiries going on my case. Perhaps you should do the same thing. I would recommend that you get congressional, white house, and governor, and attorney general office involved and appeal the application for unemployment. The more political pressure you can apply the better off you are. In my case my supervisor tried to get even with me because I reported her to the Union, and she retailiated against me. My case has been in the system for over 2 years know.

-- John A. Frederick (JFREDE3382@AOL.COM), December 26, 2002.

I also am being subjected to a hostile work environment. I have followed all the proper procedures through my work and have gotten no where. If any of you have any ideas or know of places to contact please let me know

-- Kimberly McAloon (, October 15, 2002.

I was wondering if you were able to get anyone to help you with your work issues. I myself am having problems at work but mine are harrassment issues. I going nuts with all the games my director and 2 supervisors are putting me through. I wont give in to these people and quit. so I stuck also if you get any information please let me know.

thanks kim luna

-- Kim Luna (, October 12, 2002.

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