Why my NAPA-311 don`t play correctly VCDs, who I create form AVI video files?

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Why my NAPA-311 VCD player don`t play correctly VCDs, who I create form AVI video files? History: I took an AVI video file; made decompress audio in this file by VirtualDub program; made decoding final AVI file (with decompressing audio) to MPEG-1 file by TMPGEncoder program; burn VCD-disks by Nero Burning Rom program. On my computer this VCD play perfectly, but on NAPA-311 VCD player image is brakly, irregulary, jerkly. When I made VCDs from original Mpeg-1 and DAT files, all VCD play perfectly in both: computer and NAPA-311 VCD player. That can I Do?

-- Roman Rakhimzyanov (rroman@inbox.ru), September 04, 2002


Your question is not clear. First the napa is ok at playing VCD, but not as good as todays dvd players. Second I think you need to use alternative software for example Roxio Video Wave, try looking at www.roxio.com, or try Ulead, I have Ulead 5, this works fine. You can convert your avi file to VCD it also writes the disk for you. I just got a copy this software from the cover disk of PC plus, the point is you must write VCD that are compatable with the Napa player.

One last thing, try an alternative brand of CDR if you still have problems.

Regards Me

-- its not falcon (maltesefalconarc@hotmail.com), September 03, 2003.

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