What to check when buying 2nd hand camera/lens?

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I'm a novice to SLR camera, and is comtemplating on buying a 2nd hand one (budget).

What are the things to check when buying 2nd hand camera (and) lens?

Regards, CNO

-- CNO (ahsmurf@yahoo.com), September 03, 2002


Hi look for the lens, use all the manual functions that move effenciently, sync the flash and shutter, if there is a lcd then check that all the numerals and icons appear perfectly. Chk the loading and unloading. If possible use one roll as a test.

If you follow this site, there is a person selling a NIKON F65 which is a very good model & seems to be in very good condition.

Regards Harish

-- Harish (har_krishna@yahoo.com), September 10, 2002.

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