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From various sources, I can find out what types of steam and diesel power the ACL and SAL rostered for any given year. What I'm trying to find out is what type (classes) of engines these RRs would have had operating in, around, or out of Tampa/St. Pete say in 1951.

Anyone know of any source for that info.


Jim Flynn

-- Jim Flynn (, September 03, 2002


Based on my photo files, ACL road power was mostly the Pacifics and Mikes. And yes, the R-1 4-8-4s were fairly common at Tampa in this time period too. One other class that showed up was the 1400s (4-8- 2), typically assigned to the Southland between Albany and Tampa.

-- Larry Goolsby (, September 03, 2002.

Don't know much about the SAL in that area, but as far as ACL steam the following classes would have been likely candidates for being present in and about Tampa in 1951 although steam was rapidly being phased out around this time.

0-6-0s: E-4, E-10, E-9, E-13 0-8-0: E-14 4-6-0s: K-5, K-6, K-15 4-6-2s: P-2, P-3, P-4, P-5a, P-5b 2-8-0: L-1, L-2 2-8-2 Ms, M-2

Your best bet is to locate photos dating around 1950-51 to get a good idea of what was present (easier said than done).

Since Uceta was a major ACL backshop odds are that just about every class of ACL steam engine made an appearance in the Tampa area at one time or another - even the R-1 4-8-4s. However, by late 1951, I would imagine the majority of steam locomotives were likely stored dead and white-lined waiting to be sold for scrap.

-- Buddy Hill (, September 03, 2002.

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