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23 August 2002

A West Coast tavern accused of gender discrimination has had the last laugh.

A tramper complained to the Human Rights Commission that the Charleston Cavern, 27km south-west of Westport, displayed a sign which her group interpreted as saying "We don't serve women".

She said they were told the sign was a joke, but the male customers spread themselves along the bar making it difficult for the women in her group to get served.

Tavern proprietor Michael Moss said he was nonplussed when he received a call last Friday from someone claiming to represent the commission.

"I thought it was someone taking the piss out of me. On Monday I rang them and said, was it really them that rang me? They said 'Yes, have you taken the sign down yet'?"

Mr Moss said he told the commission the sign actually said "We don't serve women here, you have to bring your own", and he had no intention of removing it.

He said today the complaint was "totally amazing. "The ladies should get a life."

The commission has decided to take no further action.

-- Anonymous, September 03, 2002

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