I'm happy that i can record directly to mpeg1 but there's a question . . .

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I'm pleased with my new self built system because i can record directly to vcd format. hopefully i wont have to go back to avi and all of that. my system is a amd athlon xp2000+ (1667mhz). I have an ATI video cature card TV wonder VE, i heard that hardware encoding is better than software encoding. I dont know which is my ATI card using. Thanks for the info dudes.

-- dan the man (bonl1@cs.com), August 29, 2002


All ATI cards do software encoding. You are correct, as a general rule hardware encoding is better. Dazzle makes several cards, including the Digital Video Creator II (DVC II), which do hardware encoding with a chip on the card. ATI uses your PC's CPU and memory as horsepower to do real time software encoding. In my opinion, the DVC II beats ATI cards every time. I do know a guy with an ATI card who could come close to what I got with a DVC II, but this guy had a RAID disk drive he used to record to, which improved his results a lot. Most people out there can't get quality out of their ATI cards like he did. One thing you might do which does help is to make sure your hard disks are 7200 RPM.

-- Root (root@yahoo.com), September 03, 2002.

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