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OK, I'm just going to be honest & open here since that's what BM is all about. I have recently focused concentration on sexual exploration & physical communication in safe, consenting environments. After many discussions with people I am thinking BM is a great place for such explorations with new people. I don't mean to sound like a perv. I'm not. It's all about growth, respect, experience & most of all, mutual consent with common goals. Is this a prevelent theme there? Is it rather easy for the average man to experience many sexual experiences with many different women who are looking for the same at BM? Many people have said that it is a myth & "it's not like it's an orgy with women walking around waiting for men". That is not what I am looking for but I am interested in the ideal respectful free love theme. Is it really there or is it more of a myth? Is it as easy as many people say to have as many sexual experiences as one desires? Thank you.

-- Tom Ferry (, August 28, 2002


I've been going for several years. I have yet to have sex there with someone I met there. I have had more sexual experiences from people I've met at the laundromat.

I've heard of orgies at BM but never have been invited nor have I observed one. I have seen couples out on the playa having sex but instead of inviting myself I gave them a wide birth.

I do go to BM for the art experience.

-- spyral (, November 11, 2002.

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