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Hello again and a special welcome to all the new trainee theologians.

In the recent issue, July/August, of THE FURROW an article "The Value of Theology" by James P.Mackey seemed to me (a mere trainee theologian) to be very provocative. Has anyone read the article and do they have any comments. This article is in response to a discussion on the value of theology in the June addition. He seems to be suggesting that theology is really a process of imaginative versus rational discourse. The Eucharist-transubstantiation is discussed as a theory, if I have it right. Issues of faith seem not to be mentioned. Here's a quote from the article pg. 409. "Illustrations such as this support the view that religions can do well without theologians;.....

Help is needed with this article please!! Leonard

-- Anonymous, August 27, 2002


yes Lenny I read the article and though it is some time ago I remember it to be quite cynical.I found the articles to which james P. Mackey responded were very good particularly those written by the lady can't remember her name but she was being theological from her experience and i think that that is the best way.Good to see you back on the web,I'll be awayfor the first tutorial and have asked joe if he can't send me the material to give it to you or Cathy. Hope to see you in the near future God bless Marlene

-- Anonymous, September 05, 2002

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