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A few threads back, someone half-heartedly reffered to Aeon as Sci-fi.

I say half-heartedly because it's difficult to be sincere about an odd series, a blip in the radar of pop-culture, that had such genre smashing force, yet sailed directly over head of the fourth grade consumer mentatlity.

Aeon is Sci-Fi and Film Noir and The Twilight Zone, with a strong dash of Albert Camus and Carl Jung, and that's just the storylines.

Let's not forget the intense animation of Aeon's creator. Like living impressionest paintings, the starving Egon Shile images, playing the parts of neurotic, destructive characters.

The world may never recognize it, but the masterful skill and attention to detail, the complex downard spiral of each episode, the inevitable tragedy; mirrored by those popcorn munching idiots we all know, abandoned and forgotten, Aeon is her own Genre.

The pebble in the pool, which may effect the flight patterns of the butterfly, which might...

-- Budweiser green (, August 26, 2002


well if you remember when the show was still airing it stated before each episode the following: Aeon Flux is an "animated fantasy" about good and evil it contains graphic depictions of extreme behavior, viewer discretion is advised. Well of all the explanations I believe "animated fantasy" best suits it ( of course Peter later stated that he had nothing to do with the beginning caption)---RDN

-- RDN (, August 29, 2002.

How about this: Aeon Flux is a CARTOON. I have a friend who takes great pleasure in calling anime "cartoons" to all our other friends. I'd just call Aeon Flux an animated series, sci-fi and fantasy seem to be pretty good modifiers.

-- aion (, September 06, 2002.

If genres were venereal diseases, then Sci-Fi would be AIDS. Once a work is classified as Sci-Fi, no one gives a shit if it's also got chlamydia/fantasy. It's off to the Sci-Fi section, the contagious quarantine ward of the bookstore...

-- Charles Martin (, March 06, 2003.

In the words of Rick Deckard: it's not my problem.

Really, when you start to take the mainstream's sneering at sci-fi, animation, what have you at all seriously, you need to take another look at your priorities. It's playground politics, pure and simple.

-- Inu (, March 06, 2003.

Heck, if its seen that way, then something as mainstream as the Matrix may provide, just the cognitive therapy whats needed.

I mean, can this cohesive meld or what!?

-- Sam (, March 06, 2003.

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