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How was everyones summer?

I finally finished the MCAT after an intense final month of study. As well I completed my thesis, the stats and write up is still to come though (i'll keep you all updated, and post any qs if needed). I'm gearing up for my last year at York with only 4 courses to take, so I'm pretty excited. Who is going to be back? Let me know...

Lets see some more posting guys!

hope to hear from everyone soon Sam

-- Anonymous, August 26, 2002


Hi everyone, I hope that everyone is enjoyign their summer, only a couple of days left...Is it just me, or did the summer (once again) go by super-fast???

Throughout the summer i was tutoring (as usual, stats, but also research methods) and also waitressing for my parents. I took the last two weeks of Aug off so that i can relax and go back to school stress-free. My friend and I went to NYC for 4 days (to relax- but as it turns out we did everything else but relax!) NYC was beautiful- so many things to see and to do, we just didnt have the $$ to see and do all those things...but still had a great time! Now I am in Ottawa, helping my friend move into her place; and this monday i'm moving the rest of my stuff (and myself) to Windsor.

I'm very excited to be starting my grad studies - it still hasn't sunk in yet that i'm a grad student, but i'm getting there. I'll keep you guys posted with the progress of my studies.

Hope that everyone is doing well, and wish you all the best of luck this sept. i'd love to hear what everyone else is doing.

Take care, Helen

-- Anonymous, August 28, 2002

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