Welcome 2002 1-Ls

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Hello and welcome to www.gnushack.com!

I designed this website as a way to facilitate information flow at school. Something I found as a 1-L last year is that I often had questions, but didn't know who to ask. This is a place designed to take care of that problem.

A few things to observe about this page. You can post anonymously. Neither the program nor I nor anyone else can determine from your posting who you are.

While I can administer this page and delete postings, I don't like to do it and don't often do it. I cleared out some of the chaff from last year just now, but left a few messages up just to show you what they look like.

To start a new thread, just click on "ask a question" on the main page.

Good luck and welcome to the UI College of Law. Feel free to stop me in the hall and introduce yourself any time.

-- Erik Ryberg (ryberg@seanet.com), August 25, 2002


On posting anonymously: simply click on "ask a question" or on "contribute an answer" (depending whether you are starting a new thread or responding to an existing one) and you will be asked your email address and your name. Whatever you put in goes in the system.

-- Faceless Coward (anon@anonymous.com), August 25, 2002.

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