1998 Saab 900 Engine Acceleration Problem

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At approximately 2000 RPM, upon acceleration (pressing accelerator) the engine hesitate and loses power. After short-duration of hesitation and lose of power, car then accelerates. It seems that I can also override hesitation and lose of power by pressing accelerator further. I have already checked the spark plugs, changed the fuel filter and adjusted accelerator cable. Can you provide any insight on how to correct this problem?

-- Joel Byrd (jd_rjbyrd@yahoo.com), August 25, 2002


Joel, I have exactly the same problem with my Saab 900. It's pretty scary driving. I have also checked the same things you did and cannot find out whats wrong. I am about to replace the accelerator cable to see if that will help. Did you get any answers to the problem because I would love to know.

Steve Devlin

-- Steve Devlin (steve_devlin@hotmail.com), October 19, 2002.

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