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What were the street boundaries of the Laurel Hill Cemetary?

-- Louise Ann Godfrey (, August 24, 2002


California and Geary Streets, and Presidio and Arguello. This informations is available on the Internet. Just enter Laurel Hill Cemetery. Information on other old San Francisco cemeteries is also available.

My great grandfather was buried in Laurel Hill in 1874. His remains were removed to Cyrpess Lawn in Colma about 1940. A few years ago I researched this history and visited the memorial at Cypress Lawn.

-- Charles Grant (, August 26, 2002.

Is that the one by geary street that was destroyed after WW2? By Lone Mountain Colledge?I know it was west of geary somewhere..

-- Sean M. Hall (, September 19, 2002.

Sean: You're thinking of the Masonic Cemetery. It was located south of Geary Boulevard and east of Masonic Street, on the site of the shopping center with the Office Depot, Toys R Us, etc.

Laurel Hill Cemetery is now the site of the UC San Francisco Campus bordered by California and Geary Streets, and Presidio and Arguello.

-- John Martini (, September 20, 2002.

There is a plaque/historical marker on California, next to the entrance of UCSF with an explanation. It appears the cemetery was closed for good only in 1946, though most of the enterred were moved well before that.

By the way Presidio Ave used to be called Central, and Cemetery Ave.

-- Wolfgang Schubert (, September 20, 2002.

No, I'm not thinking about Masonic Cemetery, I AM thinking about Laurel hill. is a great resource for cemeteries. That's where I learned that Lincoln Park Golf Course is still a cemtery! Good Luck in your research.

-- Sean M. Hall (, September 28, 2002.


There was cemetary where the Firemens Fund Insurance is located. I was a young kid when they reloced the remains. The California Street cable car used to end right there. Later the cable car tracks ended at Van Ness Ave.

-- Bernard (, December 29, 2003.

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