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I am so glad to see this forum taking off again. Let's all work together and make this the best homesteading group around.   Post anything on gardening, canning, freezing, hunting, burning wood, woodburners, cooking, cooking on woodstoves, chickens, rabbits, etc.   Try to keep topic on homesteading. I would love to see all the old post that use to be here. There was so much info on country living and homesteading. Together we can get new info and bring this group back the way it was. What's your thought on this?




Seems like most folks have moved to the new set-up, but I like this format better than the new one. I tend to lurk around here and see what is going on here.

I also would like to see more folks here.

-- Bob in WI (, August 24, 2002.

I prefer this site, also! In fact...I have never posted on the new site, although I have checked it out occasionally. But I just like it here :-)!! Should we all re-introduce orselves??

-- Marcia (, August 24, 2002.

I really miss this site, too. This is the one I started on, although I do post on the new one often.

We were hit pretty bad by drought this year, so it'll be a tougher winter. Can you believe that our garden was wiped out by frost in JULY??? I have never seen anything like that. The potatoes made it, but just barely. The corn was just starting to flower, but thanks to keeping the weeds down, there was nothing to protect the crop. I think I'll try to find a hardy tree to plant around the garden. It can't grow too high, though, as I don't want to block the South sun. Maybe some lilacs? I would like some fruit trees, but they don't seem to do well in this clay soil. Great to see some familiar names on here again, and I'm happy it's back after not being able to get here for a few days.


-- Judy Hill (, September 03, 2002.

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