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I am a mother of a 10 year old son that was sexual abused at the age of 4 which was done over a 2 year period...I am in need of finding a women's support group ... hopefully a christian based one ...I need to be able to share and pray with other women..I am already getting counseling for him and for me...put I need to talk with other women that have or are going through the same thing...I live in Carlsbad CA 92009 area code..please let me know of any books, articles, support groups on this matter. I also fear that my son is starting to have a sexual problems with other boys....I had walked in on him when he was touching his 3 year old male cousin..I am very worried about his further..I would appreciate any help or assistants on this matter....I have no one to turn to that I want to share with on a personal that is close to i would appreciate any support groups on this...God Bless all that you do for our children & seniors....kathy

-- Anonymous, August 23, 2002


I am unsure of what is available in your area but you might try contacting a sexual assault center of a child abuse organization in your area to find out if there are support groups available for you and some may also offer support groups for children. I will be willing to help if I can. God Bless and good luck.

-- Anonymous, October 08, 2002

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