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Welcome to the board...here's my policies...
1. No spamming...we all know what spamming is. If your post doesn't match the topic, or your make a nonsense topic, expect it to be deleted.
2. You can pretty much post anything as long as it fits the general feel of the board. That means short stories, poetry, whatever...it all fits, as long as it matches the pace of the rest of the board.
3. I am always open to any sort of feedback, via the board, e-mail, or instant messanger. The IM names are only given out on a singular basis.
4. If you have complaints about any of the posters here, write up a formal email. I cannot be expected to mediate every single argument. If someone disagrees with you to the point of bikering, thats not a good reason to ban someone. However, useless spamming, and blatant disregard to other peoples requests will be good reasons.
There...the laws have been written. All you have to do is follow them half heartedly, and everyone will get along fine.

-- Zero_6ix (Zero_6ix@hotmail.com), August 21, 2002

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