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Dear Brothers and sisters, tell me - can new baby names invented by me be taken for children of Christians?


Onarada (female, Meaning "She's glad" - Origin - Russian)

Onarida (a form of Onarada)

Nebbo (male, meaning: Heaven, from Russian "Nebo")

Ellatima (female, from Mitali)

Acceberra (female, from Rebecca)

Haeblus (male, means nothing, Origin: Child's language)

Biesta (female, meaning Beautiful Esta, Origin: Spanish)

Fauna (female, meaning: Fauna , Latin)

Lexan (male, meaning: Law OR Alexander, Latin-Greek)

Aliana (female, from liana)

Onder (male, from Russian "ON", meaning: he)

Novietta (female, Origin: international, meaning: NEW)

Welta (female, Origin: German, meaning: world)

Garten (male, German, garden)

Lovediana (female, Origin: English, Meaning: Lovely Diana)

Adventina (female, from Advent, meaning Waited)

Mermadinah (female, Origin: English, meaning: Mermaid)

Beatlina (female, Origin: English, Meanings: Lover of Beat-music, Beatles' fan)

Cutie (unisex, Origin: English, Meaning: Cutie)

Paco (male, Origin: Esperanto, meaning: Peace )

Slonceida (female, Origin: Polish, Meaning: Sun)

Egina (female, a geographic place)

Milliana (female, Latin, 1000, millenium)

Milliy (male, Russian , darling)

Notta (female, Latin, note)

Jamma (female, English, jam)

Dalina (female, Russian, dale, walley)

Ideal (male, International, Ideal)

Unique (male, International, the only)

Jeholo (male, Hebrew-English, Jehovah loves)

Arfa (female, Meaning: Harp)

Allie Oregon Josh Christian Diana Italia Alex Frankfurt Urnaa Mongolia Yolande Za Catty Japan Meike Deutch Arun Dehli Tess Phillipina Anna Bratsk Vega Keninsberg Ramzia Siberia Theodor Dagestan Nadya Moscow Ivan Crimea Olivier France Anthony England Inga Lee Korea Slava China Sustilima (from Ust-Ilim) Slivana (from Lebanon) Cathy, Catholine, Cathline Catolynn Catholla Missa Vaticana Cathodox Orthy Pravoslav (meaning: Orthodox) Bratolyub (meaning: who loves his brother ) Krestoslav (meaning: a Worshiper of the Cross) Khram and Khramma (meaning: Temple) Gobzovanna (meaning: richness) Ossana / Hozzana/ Hosanna Baptista Mormona Prosphira Jaydubya (JW) Bibliana Biblica Biblicana Crossa Mediana Sectrissa Bisectrisa Reanita (reanimation) Meridiana Catetta XYZa Silicata Cityline Billionella Nonilliana Misscia (meaning; mission) Electrita (meaning; chosen, Elected) Fantanima (latin, Animated Fantastic) Realina (meaning: reality) Ostaida (meaning East) Betsima (combined BETSY and SIMA) Oarita (o+ combined Arina and Rita) Sanella Hiliana (Meaning: Hi, Liana!) Cruissa Crulissa Crivissa Civica Cruissana Yecka (Meaning; abbreviation E.K. ) Titaletta Carilissa Diamanda (meaning: combined AMANDA and Diamond) Stroocy Repperra Repeata Lipstick Cardo (meaning; Heart) Raduga (meaning; Rainbow) Velichina (meaning; quantity, magnitude; value ) Shedevra (meaning masterpeice) Viana Plussa (+) Nyamma (yammi-yammi) Rafialla (Raphaella + violetta) Sunsetta Sunrissa Larusia (meaning; SEAGUL) Nevzorra (made of my last name) KahzA (stress on the last letter, Meaning: Goat) Aelina Paulissa (Paul+ Alissa) Mahgga Shpille Takaya Vinorose (wine rose) Kissa Sporta Odeva (meaning; virgin) Rissa (meaning; rice) Banta (ribbon) Maxana (Max+Oxana) Sarada Korny (meaning; roots) Mangostin /Mangostina Longan / longana/ longanitta Sweetah (Sweet) Coffira (Coffee)

Good luck!

-- Alexander Nevzorov (, August 21, 2002


Hello, Alexander.

You asked if the names on your list can be given to the children of Christians.

When I was a student (prior to the 1983 Code of Canon Law [for the Western/Latin Church]), I often heard that the Catholic Church forbade the giving of any name in Baptism except the name of a saint (or our Savior [e.g., Jesus, Salvatore] or a religious "mystery" [e.g., Concepcion/Assumpta]).
The Church wanted each child to have at least one heroic person as a role model and intercessor.

However, the 1983 Code has only this to say:
"Canon 855 -- Parents, sponsors, and parish priests are to take care that a name is not given which is foreign to Christian sentiment."

I suggest that you check your list, Alexander, to see if you have any names that are "foreign to Christian sentiment."
Maybe someone will offer an opinion besides my own, which is:
(1) Any name that is trivial or frivolous or in poor taste, or any name that could be used by other children to mock the child should not be given.
(2) If a name other than a saint's is given first, then a second name according to the old law (saint, Savior, mystery) should be given, to remind the child forever that he/she is a Christian.

God bless you.

-- J. F. Gecik (, August 23, 2002.

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