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I know this is kind of off topic but a friend of mine sent this site to me. I thought it was very interesting so I thought I would share it with you guys.

Scary Screaming Ghosts of Maryland

If you are into this stuff it's really cool!

-- Danni Vai (, August 19, 2002


Thanks. Betcha we could match them ghost for ghost. Come on over to the belltower at the San Francisco Art Institute some evening and see what we mean. (Iím not sure I want to look at that one and anyway I canít while Iím at work)

-- Rosa (, August 20, 2002.

Danni, you couldn't have picked a more off-topic subject. This is a place of learning, NOT advertising!!!! If someone were to ask a question (or advertise) something that isn't about SF History, they don't belong here! That's YOU, DANNI!

-- Sean M. Hall (, September 28, 2002.

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