i want to buy a dvd or vcd wit all the latest episodes on them

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hi, i am a great fan of junkyard wars and i love building sutff and jukyard wars teaches me to do so much and i was wandering if there was a vcd or dvd with all of the episodes on them?? cause i live in hong kong and they always show re runs and i havent seen so many which i would so love to see so i want to buy a dvd or vcd or even a video tape with all the epsiodes on them from all seasons? where can i buy and how much thanx alez please email back an x_cell60@hotmail.com

-- Alex John Hunter (x_cell60@hotmail.com), August 19, 2002


hi i want to buy vcd,by my account and recive it from my house. thank u.

-- godson eyefia (geneskilonline@hotmai.com), February 29, 2004.

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