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I am, through verious sorcess and reasons, looking to obtian articals and missing persons information from 1946. I was unable to access these via internet because I do not live there. If there is anyone who may be able to get some information from this year and forward it on to me I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Faith Anne Moore

-- Faith Anne Moore (, August 18, 2002


Unfortunately the local library newspaper databases do not go back that far. The local newspapers did not get their systems computerized until about 1978. And it wasn't until sometime after that in the mid 1980s that actual computerized storage of their daily newspapers stories began. They never computerized their back issues because it would have cost too much money to have it done and they could barely survive as it was with so many of the newspaper executives and private members of the owning families being on the take.

It is possible, there may be some kind of missing person's database that includes the year 1946 that might have been computerized by the police department but I doubt it.

To get more research than that, you'd probably have have to pay someone to manually go through the 1946 newspaper microfilms and search for those people you are looking for if they are even listed. If you know for sure that those people you are searching for made the local papers then there is hope.

-- Harry Murphy (harrymurphy*, August 19, 2002.

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