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firsty i download any film using kazaa, but the avi file is too large as i prefer the divx verison because of their quality, so i cannot fit the file all onto 1 cd because my cd writer does not accept 800mb cds, so i downloaded virtual dub to try and rectify this problem, i used virtual dub to split the file and that works great, so then i have the file in 2 parts, so i go to burn usings nero in the vcd file format, i can burn the first half of the film fine it comes out good just like on the original file however wen it is time to burn the 2nd file it finished encoding and comes up with a few errors. plz could you give me an alternative method of splitting my large files and burning them to cds. thanks.

-- shaun williams (, August 18, 2002


Try using tmpgenc to convert your avi files to videocd, you can get tips about the program all around the net, website is you can choose between the english or japanese version here.


-- Sander (, September 09, 2002.

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