I've been building a projector for the last couple of months now. My LCD is a Sony ps/1, I find it works well. Using a knife I cut out the "refective Sheet" at the back of the backlight which I now shine the new light (which I'm still looking for) through. For my lens I used a lens out of an old (and scraped) Hitichi (named RCA on TV) 50" TV. After a while of messing around w/ the .5mm connector on the lcd I dicided it was only going to be a matter of time untill I would have to spend my cash on a new LCD. So I made myself an extention cable that I brought from by parrelex, I have part #'s if anyone is interested). It extends this 6" inchs and makes working much easier (and reduces my heart rate).

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone has any technical/service data on the ps/1 lcd? I'd love to have the service manual but I can't see being able to buy it from sony. I was wondering if anyone knew how to get into service mode (or is there one?) so I can screw w/ the contrast/color/ect.

PLease excuse me if these questions have been dealt with.

Any good idea's on a light would be great..

-- bill clothier (, August 17, 2002

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