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Does Any one know any free VideoCD creating / Burning / authoring software for MAC. Some one help me

-- N/a (, August 17, 2002


Roxio Toast Titanium 5.0 or later

-- Hakim (, August 26, 2002.

Head on over to and do a search for "VCD" and you'll find a few things. If you're running Mac OS X, there are a few better options.

The way I do it is like this:

1. Import video into iMovie (using my DV camcorder or Dazzle DV bridge. 2. Use iMovie to edit the video however I'd like. 3. Export the video from iMovie using the plugin that comes with Toast Titanium 5 (this is the long part... on my Power Mac G4 466, a half hour of video typically takes about two and a half hours to encode). 4. Create menu graphics (usually from a screenshot from the video) using Photoshop. 5. Use VCD Builder to create the menu structure and prep the VCD for Toast. 6. Use Toast to burn.

Since we bought a DVD player, I have been (slowly) converting many of the videos in the kid's video collection into VCDs. Although the process takes several hours, most of that time is wait time.

If you're not on Mac OS X yet or want to avoid Toast, look into a freeware program called VCDGear.

Hope this helps.

-- Jason Rippetoe (, August 27, 2002.

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