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Hi I posted 2 weeks ago and it get an answer. I'm running winXp with Media player 8. When I'm creating MPEG1 files with Vegas 3 I have no trouble playing them in my WMD. The problem begin when I'm downloading files from the internet. Now I know that there are people how don't know how to create this files or using bad encoders. But 50% of the file I download making problem when playing on WMD. Even Vegas can't play them well. The file playing well for the first minutes or so The time display indicate the file is 90 sec ( and I know the file is longer ) After the file reaches the 90 sec the time display stop forwarding. the file is steel playing but I cant navigate in it. this is really strange. Any one encountered this problem ? WMD using the Ligos decoder when playing mpeg files. Where can I find the newest codec for WMD 8 XP ? BTW and it's a very important point , I had the same problem in win ME so it's something that I'm probably doing wrong. Thanks lior

-- (, August 17, 2002


I don't know....maybe it's a bad file....or mabey your computer has errors on them... try going to System Tools and then Scan should be somewhere on your taskbar. and then click the checkbox where it says fix all errors. and that will not only fix your errors but it will make your computer run faster. I use Windows Media player and DivX Player. But DivX plays a while and starts to get messy after a while and dodn't play all types of files either (Hope it Helps - HIH )

-- jibber jabber (, August 17, 2002.

im running xp and wmp8 and did the same thing it wouldn't play mpegs online the media player would run into an error and shutdown. I installed acid pro 4.0 and sound forge 6.0 and in the shared plugins folder it gave me a mcmpeg folder I removed it and the promblem went away.

-- (, October 08, 2002.

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