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hey im 13 years old from australia and im just wonderin if its worth using a lawnmower engine with a vetical shaft for a motor

if anyone has plans for steering or an answer for this question please send me it

-- michael smith (, August 17, 2002


Have you given any thought to using a honda step through engin, these come in 50,70 and 90cc sizes. Thay are cheap and easy to get hold of,any bike breakers should have one. It overcomes any clutch problems as thay are have a centrifugal system and you would be able to take a chain drive stright from the output sprocket to a rear axel, you could utilise a lot of parts from the origional if you get hold of a compleat bike. The 4 stroke engin has a semi auto 3 speed box and is well known for its bullet proof reliability. Power output is good from these small engins and you should be able to achieve anything from 35-65 mph depending on which engin you use. I hope i may have given you some usefull food for thought but bear in mind be carefull, you say that you are 13 yrs old if i remember correctly. YOU WANT TO MAKE IT TO 14 DONT YOU, WELL IF YOU GO HEADLONG INTO A TREE AT 40 MPH , YOU WONT!!!!!!!. Anyway thats my safty first chat over and done with, i wish you the best of luck with your project and if you think that i can be of any help to you just mail me, i will respond as soon as get chance (between changing baby napies) all the best jim at (

-- james cook (, August 18, 2002.

I am 16 years old an i am making a gocart with a 233cc snowmobile engine and i have a 5pt harness and a rollbar and i was just wondering if any one know how to make a posi rear end (a differential) well please respond.

-- pib008 (, August 18, 2002.

i am trying to make a go-kart. not for racing but just for fun. i need a list of parts needed to make 1. i was thinking of using a very good lawnmowing engine or a scooter engine but i need help how to make the brakes and shell of the kart

plz help

-- jonathan (, February 12, 2003.

Well try getting a pulley to go on the engine and a pully to go on a jackshft and then twist the belt.

As long as there is a big enough gap beetween the two pullys there wont be much belt were.

Go to for all the bits and bobs

Plus does anyone have a decent engine for my Kart I need somting with a 5-10 hp engine Just e-mail me with any questions

-- Darren (, April 05, 2003.

To pib008, I am also makeing a go kart from a sled engin. a 517 rotax from a formula plus. i am needing to use a live axel and jack shaft. but u may be able to get a rear diff of an ride on mower. this may work but i didnt use it the power of the engin may be to much on it.

-- Phast Phil (, April 10, 2003.

i am getting a tractor lawn mower from my grandpa and i heard you can use the gear box in it but how can you lower the gear ratio

-- Nate Andary (, May 20, 2003.

Yo Pib 008 You can use a trans axle from a older volkswagon and use a street bike drive shaft. The trans axle as a independent suspensension so one tire can go up and the other stays. All you have top do is shorten the axles and trim it down to fit. This will give it lower gears for off road.

-- (, May 22, 2003.

Hey, Can anyone email a full list of parts to make a go-kart...not a racing go kart just an off road - for fun one.

And i was wondering how long would it take to build one and what price am i looking at spending on it?

Thanx ,Ben

-- Ben (, July 22, 2003.

Im thinking of makig a go-kart, not a racing one, just like a one for fun, im 13 but my dad says hel help me, ive got a 5hp engine, is not honda and it has no clutch,do i need a clutch? Coud someone tell me how much it would cost to make a go kart? and how to make one? How long would it take to make one? Rob

-- rob (, July 24, 2003.

you should definitly nott do it ok bye

-- john scootin (, August 05, 2003.

Im 24 And Ive made Countless Gokarts,MiniBikes,And just About Anything else that moves I Tried To Make A Gokart Out Of A lawmower engine BUt...It dident work out. If You Want A realy Cool Machine, Like Ive Got take A small V8 And Stick It To A Go-Kart like Frame And That Thing Will Haul Ass!

-- Tj harmon (, August 17, 2003.


-- Adem Roci (, October 08, 2003.

Yes i can make you a go kart out of a lawnmotor motor it is effective

-- James CUmming (, November 18, 2003.

You guys gotta learn what your doing, take a chain driven yamaha 200 blaster motor and hook it up to a sprocket welded right ot the axle, its all good, the motor's light, the motor is easy to find, and that damn 2-stroke will rev up to about 9 and a half thousand RPM, you also have the gears to seperate your power, and if you put the right tires one you Kart, it will do about 50 miles an hour, you'll also have a clutch, and a 6-speed, to break up all that power, LET ME TELL YOU WHAT, I DID IT AND IT FUCKING FLIES LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL!!!

-- LJR (, November 28, 2003.

A starter motor off a car will move a car at 3-5 mph. the same starter motor on a cart has no limits to speed nor torq. The cart torq. and speed is unlimited only by the gear ratio you chose. Theres no clutche nor back pressure so the trick is trying to stop the darn thing. Use a sewing machine pedal for the throttle. The battery will last 30 minutes to ? depending on speed/gearing/terrian/ age of and type of battery. On asphalt you'll smoke your tires on dirt you can bury it before moving, it can be touchy getting going, don't be suprised measuring 0-60 in footage.

-- Collin Garrett (, December 13, 2003.

weld a peg or a cut bar onto a grill of a strait shaft motor and it will be a side shaft

-- axl underwood (, January 03, 2004.

OK i have this really crazy plan to take a brand new 210 HP Mitsubishi Eclipse engine and make a go-Kart around it. Yes it will go really fast, it has to i want it to be able to smoke anyone. you guys probably have a lot of comments on it. Tell me them.

-- JOE (, January 07, 2004.

OK Joe, how about seling your cast-iron mitsubishi slug of an engine (what's it, about 3 Litres to get a measly 210HP) - if it's brand new as you say, then you'll get decent money for it. Then buy a mazda 13B rotary twin-turbo. 1.3 litres, somewhere near 300Hp at the fly, more if you have no muffler. Get it ported and doweled, bigger fuel injectors, convert to single turbo etc. and you'll have an easy 400-500hp depending on who does it for you. You'll need to get a $#!+ heavy duty clutch to get the power to the wheels. Build yourself a nice steel tube frame, make sure it's well braced, 'cause it'll twist like a bitch if you don't. I suggest you stick the engine and the fuel tank in the rear to keep the wheels somewhat planted to the ground. Why have gears? Just drive the wheels with a high-ratio differential. Do yourself a favour and have a roll-cage, seat-belt and some beasty brakes. Then you'll be able to smoke ANYONE.

-- Bill (, January 08, 2004.

Yeah, thats a better idea. I think ill try that and see how it works out. Thanks.

-- JOE (, January 08, 2004.

Hello, I was just wondering if i could put a honda ct90 (90cc) engine on a go akrt, if so how would i change the gears once i have the egine to the frame. Can You Help Please email me at

-- Adem Roci (, January 15, 2004.

"is it worth making a go kart from a lawnmower engine"


-- no (, January 21, 2004.

no, im 14 and i founda old riding lawnmower that has a chain drive to the back axel and i just got a 10 hp engine for it and it flies get off ur ass and try to find something.

-- (, January 29, 2004.

Hi Iím 17 and trying to do a go-kart my self too but I have not figured out how to make steering components or how to stop the damn thing. Any suggestions please email me Thanks Edgar.

-- (, January 31, 2004.

I've driven a 13B single turbo, intercooled, boosted motor with a 5 Speed, in a formula Vee (Go-Kart)frame, this thing would smoke ANYONE, pulls a 9 second quarter and you can NEVER plant your foot without serious wheelspin, you can forget about pulling your helmet off the back of the seat, or even looking down! So do I recommend this course of action? *&%/ Yeah!

-- Andrew Menner (, February 03, 2004.

i took a mtd lawnmower n put a 634cc hirth motor on it ...2 snowmobiel axel..runs about 93..but since the i have put bigger tires on it and a smaller gear on the axel to get more high end out of it...i learned real fast that it need a wheelie bar... HOUSE

-- alan (, February 06, 2004.

Hello, im 15 and me and my friend are trying to upgrade an old go kart of his....and we have no freaking idea what we are doing...i know we need a new motor...we were thinking of a lawnmower engine...and i need to know how to connect it to the rear axel and how to line a breaking system of anysort...or better yet, how to make the thing stop...thanks...bye. (if you have any info or a book you recomend that i can buy, i would realy apreaciate it.)

-- Armando Martinez (, February 11, 2004.

I've got an early model nissan bluebird, the body is rusted but the engine is certainly good, automatic transmission, i am wanting to make a gokart/buggy and put the engine in it, but i am lacking plans or any idea how to build it, if anyone can help, email me, ,

-- Mathew Fiddes (, February 28, 2004.

me and my friend r gonna make a go kart out of his old pedal kettcar. we have a lawnmower engine and a layout. just need tips on how to mount the engine, make the brakes, and everything else. please help.

-- not sure (, March 20, 2004.

Im currently building a BAR STOOL RACER with a 5hp honda motor check out my build (its a school project) i can give you all the anwers you need in getting a frame set up for a go kart. 20Stool%20Racer.htm

You should always go with a horizontal shaft motor makes life alot easier, steering you can make tie bars out of any threaded rod, and for a motor mount jsut make a template of the engine mounts and find a piecve of 1/4 " thick steel and cut out the hole locations

-- Ryan Bajc (, March 23, 2004.

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