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This months August Sunset Beacon Neighborhood Paper has an absolutely astounding aerial photo of the Sunset District taken in around 1920. The photo was probably taken from an air balloon and was shot right above Irving street near 48th Avenue and covers much of the sunset in a southeasterly direction. It is so amazing to see that so much of the sunset was nothing but sand dunes then. Does anyone know where to get a copy of this photo?

-- Mary Jane (, August 17, 2002


I don't have a copy of your paper, but is this it?

If it isn't, there's a whole slew of aerial sunset photos here: server=photos&item=15

Ordering information can be gotten by clicking "Copyright and Ordering Information" on this page: guest&SETTING_KEY=English&servers=photos&screen=photos.html

-- Rosa (, August 17, 2002.

Thank you for those links. There were lots of good photos. However, I could not find the photo that was in the Sunset Beacon. The photo is very big, about half the news page and says photo courtesy of Greg Gaar.

-- Mary Jane (, August 17, 2002.

He's listed as being a collector of old photographs and part of a group that works on San Francisco parks: Greg Gaar (415) 752-5983. He could probably tell you where he got the actual photograph.

-- Rosa (, August 18, 2002.

Thanks so much for your help.

-- Mary Jane (, August 19, 2002.

Mary Jane,

Any luck finding an electronic copy of that photo? I am extremely interested as the house I purchased from my grandfather (built in 1936) is shown in the picture. The second house down from Stern Grove!

Would love to frame it and put it on the wall.


-- Mark Kress (, April 15, 2003.

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