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To my friends of AME-Today -- it has been a long time since I have posted a question on the Discussion Board. As I am preparing for the transition meeting of the RAYAC and for the Short and long range planning of reviving the Connectional Young Adult Ministry -- I need for all of you to give your insight, suggestions and ideas on activing the RAYAC among our Episcopal Districts, you may also email your ideas to Again continue to pray as we "AWAKE THE SLEEPING GIANT"


-- Anonymous, August 16, 2002


Praise the Lord my Brother;

This reminds me very much of the wonderful story of David and Goliath. So, David, yes, wake the giant to do battle with and for the Lord - Hallelujah!

The young adults ministry is very much a sensitive topic for me as I am a young adult and love the Lord and serve the Lord. We need to be heard, we need to be seen, we need to feel like we belong and more importantly, we need to feel appreciated.

I'm glad that our Bishop has the vision to see that we are the Church of tomorrow. The "legacy" is to be passed on to us and we need to be taught how to survive the continuing battle by our elders in our churches so we can carry the torch. It's the same old Gospel but with a new approach.

Key - Find out what we need and where we are weak and help make us strong in those areas.

I am truly proud you have tapped in on the vision. God's blessings upon you and your journey.


-- Anonymous, August 20, 2002

Hi, Jerry, first of all I owe you an apology, when I emailed you the other day I called you Ray. Sorry, I was typing as I was putting my heels and robe on to perform a wedding on friday afternoon. It was a funny sight. Oh the bride was an hour late because her make up artist was late. The poor groom did not know if he was being left at the altar. Great wedding though! I want to congratulate yon on this powerful endeavor and I would like to volunteer to help in anyway that I can. Our church attracts young people and are the majority in our church. As a matter of fact the church we are planting next month came about because a group of young african adults requested an A.M.E church they are from ghana, kenya, sierra leone. Our Bishop said yes there will be a church in Missoula, Montana. population 100,000. I share this to make two points. 1.) Young adults WANT a relationship with God! 2.) Our Bishops can play a vital role in making RAYAC a reality. I have a few suggestions. 1.) Have a strong vision statement, one that includes a mission statement, and several goals and purpose of the group. This will make promoting RAYAC easier. Do not be afraid to put an age limit. If it is 18 -30 or older or younger let people know that. 2.) Set up a web page the american bible society has one for free and there are no ads, go to 3.) Send a letter of introduction and or PR packet to all the Bishops letting them know who you are and what you are doing. You might want to start with your own Bishop and ask that he help with getting the information out to all districts. 4.) Try having meeting with officers and committee chairs via conference phone calls, on weekends, many of those who will be involved have free weekend minutes on their cell phones. 5.) Try to have representation from all districts, especially our young adults in africa and outside the U.S you can get a free delphi forum page that will allow anyone to access each other. You of course can make it a private board. 6.) Involve our A.M.E universities. Ask the communications department to produce a video about rayac, ask the business departments to help with a business plans, plus the students will know RAYAC has come to them. Plan conferences at our A.M.E universities. again it will be beneficial to all involved. Plus the costs of hotels will be lower. 7.) Have Fun!!! Plan some fun things, entertainment, drama, and one thing I have noticed is that the young people love smokie norful. Have a smokie norful party. 8.) Presiding elders are in touch with the local pastors and they get the information to us as they make rounds for quarterly meetings. Let's figure out a way to get the info to them. 9.) Be patient and pray continually, remember richard allen began in a livery stable. We are proud to have a young person take up the mantle and us "old folks" want to help. Do not think we are all alike. Some of us can still do the harlem shuffle. Joy in Christ will give you the strength to do this great work.

-- Anonymous, August 20, 2002

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