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Hey guys, Well, after essentially locking myself in my room to study for the last month and a half, the mcat finally arrives tomorrow. I have been advised that studying on the day before a test like this can be couter-productive, and that my time would better be spent focussing my energy elsewhere. Consequently, I decided to send a big HELLO to the group. I am actually excited to be heading back to york this year, as I am very enthusiastic about the thesis that I will be doing with Dr. Krista Trobst. We are looking at different social support strategies that various physicians implement when treating patients, and how the patients feel about those different styles. This suites my intrests perfectly and I guess you guys canm see why I am so excited about it. There havent been too many posts lately and I was wondering how the rest of you all are doing? Best Wishes, Ryan

-- Anonymous, August 16, 2002

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