Where did you come from? And welcome here.

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OK, so if you posted earlier, I had to nuke that thread, because it was doing weird things with how it was presenting the responses, which I didn't much prefer.

Welcome to the forum. Nice and simple, and keeping me occupied since 2002. I'm taking a not-hiatus from my journal, but wanted to keep in touch with y'all in one form or another. And I thought it'd be neat to get to know you.

So! Who are you, where are you from, and what'd you do to your hair?

-- Claire (forum@blueletters.net), August 16, 2002


I'm Eileen. Reluctantly from North Carolina. I cut my hair just before school started back. I was sick of it; something had to be done.

-- Eileen (eeslade@uncg.edu), August 25, 2002.

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