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Steve asked about the possible antioxidant properties of goldenseal and I did not find any reference to that in my quick search but did find the following.

Goldenseal seems to be very useful for infections of the eye, ear and those involving the mucous membranes. Seems to also stimulate bile secretion and through increased blood flow to act as an immunostimultant. Here are some sources that I found, though nothing on antioxidant activity. Mode of action: Goldenseal is a herb specific for the mucous membranes (often called "the King of the Mucous Membranes"). It is used for its astringent and tonic action, for congestion and chronic inflammation of the respiratory and urogenital tracts, catarrhal affliction of the nose, and chronic gastritis and enteritis. It has been used for catarrh of the bladder, hepatic congestion, and eye inflammation. Goldenseal is specifically used for inflammation of the vagina, uterus, and urethra. The important action of Goldenseal is on the mucous membranes of the intestine and stomach. Goldenseal has been found beneficial in cases of chronic constipation, haemorrhoids, and anal fissures. Hydrastis is valuable for disorders of the uterus as it causes "uterine contraction and is used in menorrhagia and dysmenorrhea." It has been considered useful for arresting bleeding from the uterus and for profuse menstruation. Goldenseal can be beneficial for relieving menstrual pain. The British Pharmaceutical Codex 1934 states the Hydrastis is useful in controlling uterine hemorrhage, in inflammation of the uterine mucosa and in leucorrhea. Berberine has shown activity against a wide range of microbes (see barberry). As an immunostimulator it increases blood supply to the spleen, activates macrophages, and has tumor inhibitory action. Externally, Goldenseal is valuable for chronic inflammation of mucous membranes, cracks and fissures of the nipples, indolent ulcers, and as a lotion to stop profuse sweating. Goldenseal or its alkaloids are useful as an eyewash.

Vanderbilt Univ., Goldenseal: The root of the goldenseal plant is traditionally used to treat wounds, ulcers, digestive problems, and eye and ear infections. Today, the herb is also used as a laxative, tonic, and diuretic Goldenseal is primarily an antibiotic, anti-infectious agent. Physicians of the 19th century were almost unanimous in the opinion goldenseal possessed a variety of therapeutic qualities, including the ability to cure indigestion, nausea, gas, and heartburn (for which the herb still finds application today).

-- BC (, August 15, 2002


BC , lattley I'm not able to find any Goldernseal .This is the second search in a couple of months and nothing . I'm wondering if it's being poached just like the Ginseng is .. Or if it has something to do with the drought .The hillbillys call it yellow root . And a month ago I asked one of my neighbors to help me find some and he couldn't either. He had a puzzled look , wondering why he couldn't find the herb that is plentiful around here ,at least it was. My use and knowlege of herbs is limited to culinary practices , it makes food taste good . Alot of the herbs used in cooking are anti-oxidants and I experiment in cooking with as many as I can. Thanks for all the useful information on Goldernseal. Have you used it yourself for anything ?

-- SM Steve (, August 15, 2002.

No, I haven't tried it, how do you prepare it, or what do you use it in?

Lots of things get labeled as antioxidants these days and there are a few Univ and such sites that are slowly coming around to doing more research on herbs and other healing practices that have been around for years. One of the most recent is on the medicinal effects from a compund in bear gallbladders that is suppose to have promise in treating brain tumors.

Several of the articles cited that it was being very heavily harvested and there was worry about it being over harvested(poached).

I was wondering where you spent you tropical forest years at, I've been wanting to do something similar, as soon as things get worked out here in the desert.

-- BC (, August 15, 2002.

Steve at least in my part of KY the same folks who harvest ginseng also harvest goldenseal. I've had to run a few tresspassers off that decided my woods must be full of it. I know there's ginseng but I never looked for goldenseal. This weekend I'll go out with the hubby & see if we can find some-if I do I'll be glad to send you some.

-- Kathy Aldridge (, August 15, 2002.

I know its used as a blood cleanser and those with concerns about passing drug urine tests will use it, but these days if the urine tests indicate goldenseal they'll treat it as a positive result because they figure you're trying to hide something.

-- xxxxxx (, August 15, 2002.

Thanks for the offer Kathy, ............... .......................... lsea27.html................. 6/T=1019970833/F=c1ba3d8e4e8ebdd388acf206f8e4be4e/*http://www.go- ........Here's some Goldernseal web sites. , because I'm planning on moving and have my place for sale , I 'll probably take the offer at a latter time if it still stands , I appeciate the kind offer greatly .Be careful looking for Goldernseal, those copperheads get mad when you accidently grab one by the head or step on them. I'm going by my own experiences , I never bring my reading glasses with me while hiking and things are sometimes out of focus. It's bad news that people are poaching all the vauable herbs from the forrest for profits $, as the song says: Don't it always seem to go , that you don't know what you've got til it's gone.

-- SM Steve (, August 16, 2002.

xxxxx you mention the goldernseal for use as beating the drug test given by employers to their employees.I believe that's what made goldernseal in high demand and caused the price surge ,and led to the poaching ....... BC , I'm not ignoring you . Well maybe I am just a little. You can probably tell by now I'm reluctent to disclose the location on account of loyalty to friends I left behind who get nervous when Americans come into their area and buy land that would other wise remain vacant and unoccupied and provide an area for them to hike in and gather wild foods to feed their families. Also providing land they can farm ( by hand ). It can upset the balance of their fragile life-style that are already being threatend. If to many outsiders moved in , alot of people there would be forced to work in a factory far from their homes ,and their independant way of life could be lost forever . I was consider a threat when I first moved in , leaving people to think I'm gonna tell all my American friends and the place will be swamped with people who have money and could buy every thing. I will give you suggestions on how you could find a place like this in another posting. I do believe in helping out others who have good intentions. I need to go out some where right now so I'll post back latter.

-- SM Steve (, August 16, 2002.

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