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I'm developing a session on "Being a Team Member". Can anyone suggest any good models or resources? Anyone have an agenda or outline that you're willing to share??

-- GC Evans (, August 14, 2002


There are many things that go into being a team member. Generally they are broken down by Roles, Responsibilities, and behavioral style. I suggest the material offered by, Ingrid Bins. She has a book called team launch that covers the areas I mentioned. You can reach her at Participative Dynamics 1-888-358-8848. If you are just looking for simple outline, I can send you one of mine. Good Luck!

-- Mark Vilbert (, August 19, 2002.

I am not sure it is still available but a superb booklet is "The Team Member Handbook for Teamwork By Price Pritchett. Pritchett Publishing 800-992-5922 Very inexpensive and I feel it is a great tool if you use it.

-- Michael R. Yablonski (, October 04, 2002.

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