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I have saved video songs from the vcd, in hard disk. how can i make a vcd. I have LG cd writer and Nero burning software. I tried to make the vcd by using nero vcd option. I can drag and drop the .dat file into the mpegav folder, but the burning button in the tool menu was not active. So did not write the vcd. what is the problem in writing .dat in the cd. pl help me.

-- THIRUMURUGESAN (, August 14, 2002


Sorry mate i dont have an answer, but if someone give it to you could you forward it to me as i have the exact same problem :(

-- ChuckB (, August 14, 2002.

The structure on the disk should conform to White Book 2.0 standards. Simply recreating the directory structure of a VCD and burning the disk won't work (although I don't have Nero and am unfamiliar with its VCD option).

Try VCDEasy. It's free and (relatively) easy to use.

-- No One (, August 14, 2002.

I don't know about *white book* standards, but i know how you can make it work. Get vcdgear run it, and choose .dat -> .mpg conversion. Load your .dat file.Press Start. After the conversion is complete you should be able to use nero to burn using the vcd format and dragging the mpg over!! If this doesn't work maybe you need the svcd plugin for nero. Hopefully that will help you.

-- shane (, August 14, 2002.

You can't burn VCD using the *.dat file. You have to convert the *.dat file to mpeg file using VCDGear (from then drag it into Nero which will burn the VCD for you using the proper VCD standard.

-- Tony (, August 14, 2002.

I solved the above problem. Now i could write *.dat(vcd)file in the vcd. I checked that vcd is working well. 1) click on the nero burning icon. 2) click vcd icon 3)finally you will see the like windows explorer window. 4)you can see file browser in right side. 5) you can see the mpegav folder , vcd folder and etc. 6) now you see empty column below mpegav folder. 7) now you select dat file in right side of the window and drop the file into the empty column. 8)some process automatically will start. 9)now you can able to click write button in the tool box. 10) you dont put dat file in the mpegav folder and you cant able to click the write button. 11) finally your vcd will be ready.

-- THIRUMURUGESAN (, August 16, 2002.

working answere: 1. get new nero version. 5.9xx. 2. start nero express! 3. select video cd 4. drag and drop .dat file into that field. 5. disable "menu function". 6. burn it.

-- tobias battenberg (, September 27, 2002.

Hi I have a similar problem.

When I burn VCD's using Nero (6). it does everything.. but it just stop short of burning the disk and stay like that for ever... ( i left it running for 8 hours)

I have tried various video files (.mpg, .avi, even .dat) it recognises the video file, but just dosnt do it.

Any idea?

I used to be able to do it, im doing everything the same but not working anymore!!!!

-- momok (, March 30, 2004.

have you tried lowering your burn speed in nero?? you could always try

-- richo (, July 05, 2004.

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