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One of the members of a band that I manage spoke to a guy in a bar the other night that had something to do with the Burning Man. I am interested in finding out how we might go about checking into playing at the next Burning Man.

-- Holly Lynn Ash (, August 13, 2002


There's basically three ways for your band to perform at Burningman.

One is to just go there and play. Build a stage if you like, rove around in a vehicle if you like (i'm a big fan of the Funkmobile), just set up on open playa if you like.

Another is to make an arrangement with one of the themecamps. Many of the larger ones have performance stages. Have a look around here: to learn about them.

If your band has a relatively mellow sound, you could also perform in the Cafe. You're guaranteed a substantial audience, but they'll mostly be talking, reading, or napping. Details here:

-- Sebbo (, September 06, 2002.

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