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I recently paid a guy $10 for an e-book tutorial on how to get anything off of the internet. I figured it was probably a rip off, but it kinda made sense. So I gave it a try. To my amazement It is the best thing I have ever bought on the internet. He told me how to find anime movies on the internet. I know some people already know where to get alot of stuff, I didn't. I just thought i would share the info. I paid him through the mail using cash, and he sent me a great tutorial(on cd along with some great programs) that everyone could use. Anyways maybe some of you could also use it. The site is at http://freebies4you.freeservers.com/main.html

-- Mark (vcds_4less@hotmail.com), August 12, 2002


That's...nice... (backs away slowly)

-- Inu (paul@nadisrec.com), August 13, 2002.

Ha haa nice email

-- Sam (janecherrington@paradise.net.nz), August 13, 2002.

Hey until recently I couldn't find much on the net, but you may already know where to get stuff. I didn't. Now I d/l from places with list like this: serving: Age.of.Sail.II.Priv_Bounty Sudden Strike 2 Farscape Triple X Signs Austin.Powers.3 Eight.Legged.Freaks Windtalkers DVD SCREENER SVCD,(08.13) Blood Work.PROP.TS-VcD Worlds of Billy 2-PC The Sweetest.Thing.PROP, The.Rookie.DVDRIP-SVcD (08.12) Dino.Crisis.II.PROP-PC Murder by Numbers-DVDRip-SVcD Spy Kids.2.TS.PROP-VcD (08.11) Bad Company.SCR, XXX.PROPER.TS-VcD (08.' and they all have speeds like this Current: 1070.9KB/s, Record: 12.1MB/s I thought it was well worth it. Yeah i thought it was a good email name too! ;)

-- Mark (vcds_4less@hotmail.com), August 13, 2002.

so c`mon malaka!

-- osir (iago@go2.pl), August 14, 2002.

Malaka? Never heard of it? Try posting a link. Google doesn't yield much in the English language! I'd be happy to check it out though

-- Mark (vcds_4less@hotmail.com), August 14, 2002.

I think he might mean Pusta Malaka...lol So r u going to show us some of the sites u r talking about or just tempt us. Please ur urls would be a godsend.

-- Red (redlightning@yahoo.com), September 13, 2002.

Read the tutorials on my site www.thejoker.batcave.net

-- Mark (vcds_4less@hotmail.com), September 14, 2002.

Hark! What's that I smell? Is it? Yes, it is! The cheerful stench of the spam troll!

-- Charles Martin (bebop432@earthlink.net), March 06, 2003.

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