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I" m looking at buying a F2.8 Lens n the range between 28-80mm for my Canon EOS.

Can someone tell ,me should I buy the TONIKA AT-X proII 28-70mm f2.6-2.8 or the Sigma 28-80 f2.8

Please help me decide thanks.

-- win a (, August 12, 2002


I think, that Tokina 28-80 ATX f2,8 Will bee the best. I have Canon 24-85 f3,5-4,5 and Tokina 28-80 ATX f2,8. Since ihave Tokina's zoom, i like best it's overall performance and very vell built quality. A bit stoped down, its great at 80mm, too.

-- Uldis Muzikants (, January 17, 2003.

Sigma 24-70 F2_8 DG DF vs_ Tokina 28-80 F2_8 AT-X Pro Lens Test

See in internet this article With examples! Tokina is far better. Still this time, i use it and am hapy. There are problems with flair, when contra lights streches front elements.

-- Uldis Muzikants (umphoto, January 30, 2004.

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