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This fall our church will be starting "Save our sons" program. This is an initiative of Bishop Bryant. We have 70 african-american athletes at Montana State University. All of them are from large cities and never been in a predominantly white and rural area. But praise God the A.M.E church is here. The assistant football coach contacted me and one of the issues the young men face is isolation and not having african-american support. They want a fraternity. He asked if I could help. Hmm, I thought I am not in a sorority so where do I begin. Well I prayed about it and asked my daughter if she heard about Phi Beta Sigma. "Mom I am a zeta that is my brother fraternity." Duh, o.k I should have known that. Anyway I contacted them and the response has been overwhelming, they want to help!! I have heard from all the top officers. So I was wondering if there were any Phi Beta Sigma's on the board.

-- Anonymous, August 12, 2002


Hi Rev. Rogers,

I am a brother of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. I pledged in 1980 at Virginia Tech. I recall what it's like to be a minority at a predominately white university. I can certainly relate to those African-American students at Montanta State University about a desire to join a fraternity. For me, my fraternity was my family away from home. I am just amazed at how active you are in the life of your community. It's just so wonderful that you are so concerned about those college students and have decided to serve as a liason between them and Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc. Your involvement in the community presents a challenge for all of us to aspire to at this time.

Jazzman about those students that you hav

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2002

Jazzman I hope we can use you as a resource for my students. And perhaps you can come and speak to the athletes. The second A.M.E church we are planting is also in college town. The University of Montana is there. I will need the help of my A.M.E family for ideas and resources to work with these young men. My biggest challenge is learning about football, but starting next week I am going to the football team work outs to offer support. Hmm, another course that should be taught in seminary. I remember when I moved here ten years ago I was doing campus ministry, and the honor students asked me to go white water rafting, I went! I do not swim, but I went, we have great fellowship time. Then I had a professor that was struggling with God, he was jewish but wanted to talk to me. Imagine when I got to his house and he had two horses saddled up, his wife gave me a quick lesson and up the mountain top we went. Ah, the life of a country preacher.

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2002

We could also benefit from a "Save Our Daughters" program. Too many of our beautiful black women are being deceived and destroyed by the lack of knowledge of God's will for their lives and the violent antics of disturbed black men and desperate women in this society.

It is truly time to return to the old landmark of faith and prayer and rejuvenate our souls, for, indeed, God has an answer for every situation that we may encounter in this deceptive world.


-- Anonymous, August 16, 2002

Rev. Stocker you make a very good point Dr. Cecilia Bryant has instituted the "daughters of destiny" in the fifth district. We are using this program with our young ladies. Also our denomination has a wonderful program called the debutante-masters commission, this program focuses on the positive development of young people's self esteem, knowledge of the bible, abstinence, service to others, public speaking. The program is wholistic in nature and is one our church is implemnting in the fall also.

-- Anonymous, August 16, 2002

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