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Okay, it's been a LONG while since I've surfed this site. I have a question which I am asking to all of my friends who attend AME AME Zion and CME churches. My roots are also in Methodism (United, AME Zion, then later changed over to Apostolic)so I am somewhat concerned when I heard this. Last week CME and AME Zion held a meeting about both of these organization uniting into one. My question(s) is/are

1). What are your views of this merger and is there a possible merging of all three black Methodist organizations on the horizion? (It seems funny that I am asking this question about the Black Methodist movement when Black Pentecostals and Apostolics are going through the same exact thing?)

2). And all this merging going on, (I am going out on a limb on this, really to stir up a discussion) is this a set up for the AntiChrist to later present his one world goverment and one world religion?? ("Things that make go hummmmm")

Share your thoughts...

-- Anonymous, August 11, 2002


Good to see you again Sister Crawford!

As with many things, motive is crucial. What type of people are getting together, and for what reasons? Denominations are generally speaking a negative thing. Christians are supposed to be unified, and anytime we can promote this it's good.

At the same time I don't agree with Biblical Christians meeting with non-Christians or backslidden Christians. That's an unequal yoking of Christ's people with the world.

When we talk about merging denominations it's like a marriage. There's a whole range of issues to consider, including the character of the perspective spouse and his/her family. You're joining with an entire package forever.

-- Anonymous, August 11, 2002

Brotha RP,

It's good to see you also!!! Hummm, am I reading right it seems to me you kinda saying that this "so-called" merger could probably end up like the Enron or Worldcom disaster, if they are not careful. I totally agree we must be mindful in when we make covenants with people and organizations, because if you make covenants with the wrong people or group, that same spirit or curses will tranfer on you. That is why have to really seek the Lord God in coming in to agreements with anyone, even if we are of the same church movement.

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2002

This time I am going to really take the road less traveled and present an unpopular opinion. But that is fine because it is how I feel.

When I visited Mexico City and observed the ruins of a wonderful culture, which the Indians had more the 10,000 years ago, I stood in awe. However, my amazement soon turned to anger and outright indignation when I realized how Europeans, who were supposedly Christians and supposedly in Christ's name, had take what the Indians once had and given them little or nothing in return. Throughout both North and South America the evidence of this destruction can be seen. By contrast I was reminded of Saint Paul's visit to Mars Hill and how he did not diminish what he saw. What he saw actually impressed him and he simply used it to show them "a more excellent way."

Not all alliances, even with Christians, are profitable ones. In Richard Allen's own time he sought to bring union between the AME and the AMEZ. The response he got then from the AMEZ was absolutely not. Many of his successors in their own time sought to do the same with this and others branches of Methodism. In addition the Methodist Episcopal Church literally threw Allen and his colleagues out.

At this point we need to look carefully at what we propose to do and seriously count the cost. My own feeling is that the gain will be much too little and the cost will be much too great. I feel that as AMEs we will give more than we receive.

Finally, I seriously doubt if a serious merger with the AME Church will ever come to pass. This is not to say that some form of Ecumenical relationship will not exist. However I do believe that while a merger remains in a rhetorical state (That is with an Ecumenical Officer) we say yes and are comfortable with their work, but when the vote is put to the floor I think we will find the outcome will be a resounding NO.

Perhaps I am wrong and that is okay. For only time will tell if it shall be. Regardless to what the outcome may be all true Christians already are one and so it matters not in what church they pray.

-- Anonymous, August 13, 2002

Dear Sister I believe money (or the dramatic loss thereof) may be the greatest reason the smaller denominations may be negotiating. Most Denominations today are challenged financially.

I agree with Robert, no merger with the AME Church will ever happen. The Congress of National Black Churches is the one entity formed to facilitate working relationships between all black denominations.I believe that is where this discussion may end.

A most thought provoking question my Sister , thank you for raising it.

Peace and Blessings to you all.

-- Anonymous, August 18, 2002

the posibility of the churches merging is not a new thing. those preschers who have taken ame polity or ame history will know that there was something called the pittsburg plan. in this plan the ame,amez,cme were going to merge. the issues that arose there are some of the same issues we have today.How many bishops will have. who will have to back out. what about the name of the denomination. small stuff like this can turn into major issues. because the pride of one church is compromised. we as human beings don't want any body to discredit us. same thing with the church. then after that plan was a bust. the cme and amez were talking about merging. so about 50 or more years later they are still talking about it.

-- Anonymous, August 21, 2002

There is a marvelous book written by G. Lovelace Champion, Sr. entitled "Black Methodism Basic Beliefs". The book describes the start-up history of the A.M.E, A.M.E.Z.,C.M.E., and U.M.E. In my opinion, "merging" is out of the question because each of the denominations have beautiful stories of how they were started, to merge, any one of them would lose their tremendous history. The book is available at our publishing house, I just ordered two (2) of them for members that wanted to read about the history of each of the denominations. It is an interesting read.

-- Anonymous, August 29, 2002

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